Notice: Instagram API Change

Instagram has changed their API. It is a huge change regarding the data accessibility, features and many more. Almost none of the previous API will work as it was working earlier. From June 1 all of those will be disabled.

To address these new changes we had to rewrite the whole extension. There are a number of changes in the feature perspective. We had to drop a feature and integrated/working on new features as well. These features will be visible on the upcoming versions.

If you are an existing user of "JInsta Photo Gallery" extension, you have to get the access token and upgrade to the new version. Please contact via the support form and you will get 51% discount.

JInsta Photo Gallery is the easiest way to display Instagram photos in a Joomla websites. No need to create any developer account or crate the feed form 3rd party sites. Just collect the access token from the module page and enable it from the Joomla site. The user will have the full control to select the source of the Instagram photos. For example the images could be fetched from a specific Instagram user, specific tag or the most popular photos. Here it is possible to select if the Comment or Like count will be displayed or not. Read the feature page to know more about the JInsta Photo Gallery. Before installing the extension you can check the preview at the Demo page, .

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Welcome to the website of the Joomla extenions developed by Nasir Khan. Please check the related extension pages for more details about the features, ways to use these, and must check the demo pages.

We believe these extensions will help you to express yourselft and your work as well. If you think any of these extensions need improvements and if there is any issue please let us know via the suppor form.

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