JGoogle Plus Photo Gallery

Written by Nasir Khan. Posted in JGooglePlus Photo Gallery.

This is a Joomla module. By using this modue users can embed Google Plus Photo albums galleries in their joomla sites. Here the images could be fetched from a particular profile or recently uploaded images. The albums might be public or shared with the limited people. For adding the albums which are "Publicly unlisted" or shared with "Limited" people, user have to user the "Authkey" to embed in the Joomla site. With the with the photos other related information like the description, date of the album and photo, caption, place, number of photos could be added. These information will be visible at the album info area or below the images. Here all of these could be controlled whether it will be displayed or not. 


  • Add to Joomla websites, publicly shared "Google Plus Photo Albums" 
  • Add to Joomla websites "Publicly unlisted" or "Shared with Limited" type of Photo Albums
  • Add to Joomla websites albums using the "Authyey"
  • Show the images from a particular Google Plus Photo Album
  • Display the recently uploaded images of a user of the Google Plus
  • Choose how many images will be displayed in the gallery
  • Select the thumbnail size of the image gallery
  • Choose the lightbox image size
  • Crop the thumbnail for better view or keep in actual ratio
  • Auto pagination for the gallery



How to use

  1. First Download and install the module.
  2. Add the Google Plus user profile line in the Google Plus User textbox
  3. Add the Album name at Google Plus Album textbox
  4. "Publicly unlisted" or "Shared with Limited" type of Photo Albums you have to add the "Authkey" too
  5. Add number of Photos per page, Thumb image size, Photo Size for the lightbox and other options for the gallery