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Download the module

Go to the Download page and choose the module you want to download.

Install the module

  1.  Open Extension Manager from the Joomla Administration Panel. Goto the top menu then Extensions > Extension Manager.
  2. From the Upload Package File section browse the module file that you have downloaded earlier and then press the button Upload & Install

Configure the Module

Get Access Token

This module is very easy to use. We tried our best to make the module such simple that even without a user manual, users can use this module. You do not need to enable the Instagram Developer Account, setup a new app or create any feed url. Follow the steps to use this module in your Joomla website.

  1. Go to the page Get Instagram Access_Token from Joomla Extensions > JInsta Photo Gallery > Get Instagram Access_Token from or open the link
  2. Press  the button Sign in with Instagram and then you will be redirected to the Instagram website.
  3. Login using your Instagram Account
  4. After successfull login this extension website will be opened again and you will find your Access_Token at the bottom of the page



  1. Use this Access Token in the module backend
  2. Set the mode, there are three options available Most Popular, Tag, User
    • If you set the mode as Most Polular, then the Tag and User field will be ignored
  3. Set the number of images you wan to display
  4. Toggle the option if you want to show the Captions, and Comment and Like Count

Module Backend