JInsta Photo Gallery Documentation

Welcome to JInsta Photo Gallery Documentation page. Here you will get the complete step by step guide to install and configure the extension.

JInsta Photo Gallery is a Joomla extension to show your Instagram images to your website. If you search in the Joomla extension directory you may find several type of extenions to show the Instagram images on the website. But this JInsta Photo Gallery is the easiest to install and configure. Please read the following sections of the documentation and you will understand that difference between other extensions.

For using the extension you have to follow the mentioned steps below,

Download Joomla Extension

You can visit the Download page or click on the download button below to get the extension. You will get the download link immediately after completing the payment.

Download JInsta Photo Gallery

Get Access Token

Instagram updated their API and ways to get the images and show them on other websites. Usually each user needed to have a 'Developer Account' and s/he should have an 'Instagram App' created. Then s/he will need to apply for the approval and then the user will be able to show their own images to their website.

We tried our best to develop this Joomla extension to show their own content to their website. You, means the end user will not need give this amount of effort for creating developer account, create app, approval and other related steps.

For using this account you have to visit the page access_token and then press the button "Get Access Token".

You will be asked to login via your Instagram Account and approve the app. Then you will be redirected back to the same page and a new block will be visible with a heading 'access_token'. Just copy this code and add it to the config section of the Joomla module you downloaded earlier.

Get Access Token

Configure the JInsta Extension

 On the very first field of the JInsta Photo Gallery Extension, you have to enter the access token. Other fields are self explanatory. You have to add the number of images you want to display, enable/disable the comment and likes. There are 4 presets to show the images in different style.


The license of the extension is for one site only. If you want to use on several site you need to purchase separately for those sites also. For purchasing bulk license, please contact us via the support page.

JInsta Photo Gallery Download

Download the extension form the foloowing URL,[1][id]=14257